Facts About Seniors and Technology

Facts About Seniors and Technology

When it comes to seniors and technology use, there’s a general idea that the elderly are unable to cope. Looking at elderly internet usage statistics, and elderly smartphone usage, however, a very different picture emerges.

Older adults and technology adoption don’t necessarily go as quickly as they do with younger generations, but that doesn’t mean the over-sixty crowd don’t know a good thing when they see it. Who, in today’s society can really afford to avoid all new tech, or using the internet altogether?

Seniors may adopt tech more slowly, but they’ll still come on board if the tech is useful. So it’s time to retire yet another boring stereotype for once and for all. To this end, the editorial team at Med Alert Help set out to find out what the facts about the over-sixty crowd and the internet.

You can see what they found out in the infographic we’ve posted below. We found it very interesting, and we know you will as well.

What Is the Gist of What They Learned?

Essentially that seniors are actually pretty active online. They perform a range of functions from searches through to banking, communication, and shopping.

How Does Technology Affect the Elderly?

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Take banking, for example. Whereas twenty years ago checking your balance or ordering a statement would have meant that you had to go into the nearest branch, now these functions are just as easily performed online.

Who wants to trudge into the bank and have to stand in endless queues when there’s a much more convenient option? Seniors certainly do not.

Also, with the technological advances that are being made in terms of smart devices, speakers, etc. it is becoming even easier for the elderly to learn to use the tech. All they need to do is to ask their phone to dial a number, or run a search, for example. It’s simple enough that even the least tech-savvy person can manage it.

Internet Usage Statistics by Age

That’s not to say that all seniors do use the internet. The statistics indicate that the older a person is, the less likely they are to use the internet. If we look at internet usage statistics by category, 75% of adults aged 70–74% do use the internet. That figure drops to a mere 45% when it comes to those aged 80 or older.

The Elderly Social Media Statistics

When we’re thinking about the elderly and technology statistics, social media might not be something that springs to mind immediately. Social media is something that we see more as applying to a younger set. The statistics do seem to bear this out. Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter at most attract around 6% of seniors.

To say that seniors don’t use social media would be incorrect, though. 36% of seniors do use Facebook.

Wrapping It Up

The elderly internet usage statistics that we have presented are certainly interesting. Did they change your mind about the subject? Or did you know all along that seniors were a lot more tech-savvy then they’ve been given credit for?

Elderly & The World Wide Web
Elderly & The World Wide Web

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