How to Create Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile marketing is something that has advanced significantly over the past few years. Whereas a mobile marketing campaign would have one day meant just sending out SMS’s, you now have several different ways to reach out to clients.

Perhaps you can try Bluetooth or proximity marketing. Perhaps you could use in-app marketing. There are several different techniques that you can take advantage of in this field. The editors at App Geeks have included a comprehensive list of the possibilities in the infographic below so I won’t go into too many details.

You can see for yourself at the end of this post but, for now, it’s enough to say that there are several different methods to reach out via a mobile phone. What we’re focusing on here is how you can improve the results obtained from your mobile campaigns.

How Do I Make My Campaigns More Effective?

Target Campaigns Carefully

Start by considering your target audience. As with all marketing, you need to clearly define who your target audience is, and whether or not they’d be receptive to the marketing campaign you’re sending out.

We advise that you segment your list carefully into groups that make sense in terms of the promotion that you want to run. Let’s say that you run a coffee shop. What about creating a Single’s Special? You would then need to determine who on your list is single and who isn’t.

You can choose whatever demographic makes sense to you. You can then create a message specifically targeted at that particular group of people. Or choose the delivery option that will work best for those people.

Match Campaigns to the Medium

Mobile communications should be kept short and sweet. If you’re sending an SMS, for example, you don’t want it to be cut off halfway through because you’ve exceeded the maximum length. The message would then be transmitted in two parts, and this is not ideal.

Don’t Overdo It

Mobile campaigns can be instituted at a relatively low cost and fairly easy. But if you want your messages to be well-received, it’s important not to spam your subscriber’s list.

When worked properly, these campaigns can be highly effective.

Businesses Use Mobile Marketing
How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing

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