7 Rules to Follow in Mobile Marketing

In the field of marketing, mobile marketing is pretty new, yet it is growing at a pretty rapid pace. The idea of this technique is to provide current and potential customers with personalized information that will promote your business, using your customer’s mobile devices as the key. The experts at Website Builder Co have compiled an infographic that will provide you will 104 facts about how mobile marketing is currently working.

There are many benefits to using this technique, but as it is fairly new, many businesses are still working out the best way to harness it. Let’s take a look at 7 rules that you should follow when it comes to mobile marketing in order to become the most successful, then head over to website builder co for more information:

  1. Think Mobile First- we are in a new age of technology with the majority of people now choosing to use their mobile to go on the web rather than their desktop computer. That is why when it comes to building websites, mobile first is a pretty hot topic. Therefore designing a site that is responsive to mobile is imperative.
  2. Don’t use mobile marketing as your only form of marketing, it is most successful when combined with other forms. Mobile marketing is just one piece of the huge marketing puzzle, but it definitely shouldn’t be ignored.
  3. Value is Key- Just because people will be viewing thing on a smaller screen, it doesn’t mean that content should be lower quality. If people are taking the time to engage with you, then you should make it worth their while.
  4. Research- as a business you should already know your customer, and if you don’t, then some research is definitely required. Your communications in your mobile marketing should be directly targeted at those customers, and aim to meet their wants and desires.
  5. Simple is sometimes best- as with most things in life, sometimes keeping things simple is key. For example on a web page, your call to action should be made very clear, you should focus on one main aim to start with and then follow on from there.
  6. When it comes to mobile marketing, you will need to be thorough all the way through your campaign, there is no point spending the time and money directing people from social media, an email, an SMS or a mobile search to a website that is not mobile friendly.
  7. Ask yourself a question and then think, will using mobile solve this? If the answer is yes, then go right ahead!
Facts You Need to Know about Mobile Marketing

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